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A bit about us

  Ok, this is always the hardest part of putting a website together, so I will do the best I can.

  Hi, I'm Cerena. (C is like an S) I am a Mum to 2 children, Atila & Cordelia, and married to a very patient husband, Andrew.  We have both spent some time in the Royal Australian Navy, and now live in Bendigo.  Andrew works full time and I look after your pets whilst the kids are at school, or during the night in your own home.

  My family have always had pets from one kind to another.   I used to help my parents with their own petcare service, whilst breeding & showing Collies.  I have spent time on a Horse Stud, whilst completing a Horse Traineeship, I have worked in a kennel / cattery and I have spent some time doing work experience in Vet Clinics, so giving medication to your pet will not be a problem.

  We have 3, no, sorry, now 4, indooor cats.  In the picture of 3 cats, from left to right, is Maddison (baby from the other 2), Chocy and Simba.  Our 4th is Theodore.

  We have 2 catteries out the back, used by our cats and yours. (Not all together.  If you would like one of our cats to board with yours, that can be arranged, as long as they get along at the Meet N Greet)

We also have a large fenced back yard, with 3 fenced dog runs, for your dogs to be secured in when needed.

We have a great bit of bush land just up the end of our street, which is a great place to take your dogs for a walk.

  I am the main petcarer who will be looking after your pets, with help from Andrew when needed.  Oh, and I better not forget to mention that Cordelia likes to help as well.  I love staying at my furcustomers homes, it is like a holiday, but I also love to have pets stay with us, as we don't have any dogs of our own.

Well, that is all I can think of at this stage, so I will end it here.  Hope you have an awesome day, and give your furbabie/s a hug from me.

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