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Additional Services

Walks...who doesn't love to go for a casual stroll with their furry friend.

Walks can be booked just as a walk, or as an additional service.  

When you book a walk as an additional service to your booking, you will get it at a discount.

My walks go for about 25 to 30 minutes.  I will walk 2 dogs at a time, but not 2 big ones.  If your dog/s behave on their first walk, then i will continue to walk them, but if they don't, then I will have to make a decision if i continue or not.

Walks near my home will be up in the bushland that is at the end of my street.  If at your place, it will be from your home.

ALL walks will be done on a LEASH, I do not let them off for any reason. 

Grooming Service...I do not personally wash/clip your dogs.  I may give them a rinse if we  have had water play and they have gotten a little dirty.

If you would like your dog groomed whilst in my care, I use a professional Mobile Dog Wash (not affiliated with us) to do it for me.

They can come to your home or mine.

If you would like your dog nice and squeaky clean before you get home, then we will organise that at the Meet n Greet.

Pet Taxi...Going somewhere with you furbabies?  Don't have access to a vehicle?

Then give me a call.  I can come and pick you and your pets up and take you many many places.

Such as:

  • Vets

  • The Park

  • Your Friends / Family homes

  • Groomers

  • For a swim

  • For a playdate

  • Just about anywhere

Cats must be in a carrier, dogs can either be in a carrier or will be clicked into the back seat.  They must have a harness on.

Small Pet Hard Carrier available upon request (in advance)

Lets go have some fun in the sun.  Don't forget to SLIP SLOP SLAP... lol.

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