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  • Is there a discount for Repeat Customers?
    Yes there is. From your second booking you will receive a 10% discount. This discount is not applied to Fuel Surcharges.
  • Do I pay a Fuel Surcharge?
    That depends on how far you are from KANGAROO FLAT POST OFFICE. The FIRST 10km's to the booking location and from the booking location are included in your booking price. Anything OVER the 10km is charged at 50c per km, that is TO and FROM the booking location. Discounts do not apply to fuel surcharge.
  • How can I pay for my booking?
    We have many ways you can pay. * Cash * Internet / In Bank Transfer * Credit/Debit Card * Paypal
  • When do I need to Pay by?
    Because I have quite a few regulars and I book out pretty quick, you will need to pay for your booking ASAP to secure your spot. If I get another booking request come in for the same dates and you are still yet to pay, I will give you a courtesy call to see if you are ready to make payment. If you are NOT ready to make payment, then I will give those dates to the next customer that has just put in a booking request.
  • Is there a discount if I book for a certain number of days/nights?
    Yes, depending on the type of service you are booking. Most seervices have a 7day and a 14day discount. 7 days is 5% and 14 days is 10%. Does not apply to fuel surcharges.
  • Do you accept INSIDE dogs in your home?
    No. I have 4 indoor cats, some get along with dogs, the others try to eat them. Any dogs I have for hosting are strictly OUTDOOR dogs. I have 2 Kennels with runs and a kennel on the back verandah they can use.
  • Are you able to look after my cat in your home?
    Not IN my home, but I do have 2 catteries out the back that I use to house cats that stay with me.
  • Do you recommend any PET FRIENDLY accommodation in the Bendigo Region?
    Yes, I have a few that I would recommend. Tell them I sent you. :) * Avondel Caravan Park 723 Calder Highway, Maiden Gully 03 5449 6265 * BIG4 Bendigo Marong Holiday Park 1449 Calder Highway, Marong 03 5435 2329
  • Do you look after pets whilst we do some site seeing?
    Of Course. That is one of the main reasons we are here.
Have a question that is NOT listed above?

Then please fell free to send me that question and i will do my best to answer it for you.

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