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To Make a Booking for a MEET n GREET

Ok.  So, you are going to be away and you would like to book our services.  That is fantastic.

The first thing you will need to do is to book a Meet N Greet.

A Meet N Greet can be held at your home or mine, depending on the service you are after.

This allows us to meet you and your pet, in the environment in which it will be staying.

At the Meet N Greet we will have a good chat, see if we are all going to get along, and if I can offer you my services.

If all goes well and you are happy to use our service, we will then fill out some forms.  Don't worry, they are just questions about your pets and what they require, and the dates you will be away so I can calculate your Booking Cost.

Once I work out the Booking Costs, I will then send you a BOOKING FORM INVOICE, that will contain all the info of your upcoming booking, the cost, and the payment options available to you.

(you can also get a rough idea of costs and the payment options from the PRICES page.)


Please Note: You WILL need to pay ASAP to SECURE YOUR BOOKING.  

If you have not yet payed, and another booking request comes in, I will give you a call to see if you are ready to make payment.  If you are NOT ready, then the booking spot will go to the booking request that just came in.

I am sorry if this process offends you, but I do have quite a few regular customers, and I cannot hold a spot for anyone without payment.

To book your Meet n Greet, please use this BOOKING ENQUIRY FORM.
The Meet n Greet will either be at my home or yours, depending on the type of service you are after.

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